The owner has submitted an application for review to City Planning for a mid-rise, mixed-use development comprising 27 apartments and a retail commercial unit in the north west ground floor area nearest Byng Avenue and Danforth Avenue.  The application is currently being reviewed by City Planning staff.  Now that it has been formalized it is in circulation with City staff (Transportation Services, Urban Design, Urban Forestry, etc.) who review issues such as traffic, trees/landscaping, design, etc. The next step will be responses from the various City departments noted and then further discussions with the applicant about any issues that arise from this review.  Residents will be able to share their comments during this process prior to any approval at Scarborough Community Council.  The time for this process to take place is dependent upon when staff comments are returned to the applicant and how quickly they address any issues raised.  Below is a general drawing of the proposed building.