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29 Aug

Class yearbook: Toronto councillors sum up the term in one sentence

By: City Hall Bureau, Published on Fri Aug 29 2014 We asked all 45 members of city council to summarize the waning four-year term in one sentence or less. Most responded in person, some via email. And some of them broke the one-sentence rule. Here are their responses: “This was an extremely productive term for the taxpayers of Toronto, thanks to new subways, lower tax increases, more efficient and transparent government, fiscal accountability and restraint, privatized garbage collection and historic...

31 Jul

Scarborough Junction Mural Coming Soon

I am thrilled to announce that Scarborough Southwest’s latest mural project has begun. I have secured funding through the City’s underpass revitalization program to be dedicated to the underpass on St. Clair Avenue West, just east of Warden Avenue, and this summer you can expect to see colour enhancing these dreary walls. With the help of local historians, Barbara Dickson, Rick Schofield and John Everest, the artist is creating a visual representation of the area’s unique history. Did you know that...

11 Jul

City working hard to coordinate construction

There is a myth that the City is not coordinating construction projects on our streets. In fact, the City has a strong coordination effort in place before any work ever begins. Outside factors such as weather, work by outside agencies, and sheer volume of projects are often responsible for the congestion we experience every day. One thing is certain: The city is facing an unprecedented amount of construction on our roads and it’s causing frustration for drivers. The City is updating a...

08 Jun

June 2014 Newsletter

Summer is almost here, and with it comes sunny days and fun community events. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy Scarborough Southwest. In this issue, you will find information on summer events and activities in our community. If you have a community event you would like me to promote, please contact my office.   View Newsletter ...

21 May

May 2014 Newsletter

Spring is in the air and some warmer weather has finally arrived! If you are anything like me, you have already been out digging in your yard and preparing your gardens.  In preparation for our beautiful gardens I have arranged for our annual ‘Compost Days’ in six parks in Ward 35. Please note that in an effort to be fair we rotate parks every year.  Our next Compost Day is this Saturday at Corvette Park (9am), Danforth Gardens Park (11am) and Madelaine Park (1pm).

06 Nov

Basement Flooding

November 2013: Incidences of severe and intense rain storms have without question increased in recent years. Changes in climate and in particular the heavy rainfall events have placed severe strain upon our storm and sewage systems that were not designed or constructed to function effectively with these emerging and unfamiliar weather patterns. I have put together an important information package on what you need to know to protect your home against basement flooding. What’s in the Package? Basement flooding general...

21 Dec

2012 Highlights 
in Ward 35

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” – this is an important mantra that I stand to live by. At the start of every year, I create a long list of goals that are set out by YOU, the residents of Ward 35, and then set out to strike them off the list one by one. Projects can take more or less time than anticipated, and much of this is subject to City staffs’ cooperation and the essential participation of...

22 Nov

Should Toronto Host a Casino Complex?

Many of you have been asking me where I stand on the matter of building a casino in Toronto. I want to begin by making it clear; I will take my lead from you. Email me, call me or complete the poll at the end of this post and let me know how you feel about a casino. Several plans have been proposed, and most of the proposals are looking to build a complete complex, not just a casino box that...