03 Dec

Scarborough Junction Mural Unveiling

Earlier this fall, we celebrated the official unveiling of the Scarborough Junction Mural on the St. Clair underpass (just east of Warden). With the help of local historians Barbara Dickson, John Everest and Rick Schofield, a concept was developed to depict the history of the area: The south wall depicts the early development of the Scarboro Junction, and the north wall depicts the little known history of the women who worked at the GECO factory during WW2. A special thank...

28 Nov

Toronto Water Warns of Misleading Communications

Residents advised to be cautious of potentially misleading communications about Toronto Water programs The City of Toronto has received complaints from Toronto residents who have been given notices from independent contractors (such as flyers, notices placed on door knobs and lawn signs) that appear to be designed to look like they are communications from the City of Toronto about a number of programs and services offered by Toronto Water. Toronto Water does not conduct door-to-door sales of any kind and does not...

31 Jul

Scarborough Junction Mural Coming Soon

I am thrilled to announce that Scarborough Southwest’s latest mural project has begun. I have secured funding through the City’s underpass revitalization program to be dedicated to the underpass on St. Clair Avenue West, just east of Warden Avenue, and this summer you can expect to see colour enhancing these dreary walls. With the help of local historians, Barbara Dickson, Rick Schofield and John Everest, the artist is creating a visual representation of the area’s unique history. Did you know that...

11 Jul

City working hard to coordinate construction

There is a myth that the City is not coordinating construction projects on our streets. In fact, the City has a strong coordination effort in place before any work ever begins. Outside factors such as weather, work by outside agencies, and sheer volume of projects are often responsible for the congestion we experience every day. One thing is certain: The city is facing an unprecedented amount of construction on our roads and it’s causing frustration for drivers. The City is updating a...

22 Nov

Should Toronto Host a Casino Complex?

Many of you have been asking me where I stand on the matter of building a casino in Toronto. I want to begin by making it clear; I will take my lead from you. Email me, call me or complete the poll at the end of this post and let me know how you feel about a casino. Several plans have been proposed, and most of the proposals are looking to build a complete complex, not just a casino box that...