By: City Hall Bureau, Published on Fri Aug 29 2014

We asked all 45 members of city council to summarize the waning four-year term in one sentence or less. Most responded in person, some via email. And some of them broke the one-sentence rule. Here are their responses:

“This was an extremely productive term for the taxpayers of Toronto, thanks to new subways, lower tax increases, more efficient and transparent government, fiscal accountability and restraint, privatized garbage collection and historic union contract negotiations.”

Mayor Rob Ford (via his spokesman)
“Roller coaster.”

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, Ward 40 (Scarborough-Agincourt)
“We honoured our commitment to our constituents, achieving significant progress and success — we persevered together as a community and as a city.”

Vincent Crisanti, Ward 1 (Etobicoke North)
“Rewarding for the people, and a dysfunctional council.”

Doug Ford, Ward 2 (Etobicoke North)
“Absolutely phenomenal, and I’ve been living my dream every day I’ve been here.”

Peter Leon, Ward 3 (Etobicoke Centre)
“Integrity challenge.”

Gloria Lindsay Luby, Ward 4 (Etobicoke Centre)
“I learned that there’s a lot of very smart people there, sometimes that gets lost in a lot of the noise, and I just wish more people would focus on what’s right and wrong as opposed to what’s right and left.”

James Maloney, Ward 5 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
“It’s been a historic term, tumultuous at times, but council rose to the occasion and accomplished great things for the city, including tackling infrastructure backlogs and building public transit.”

Mark Grimes, Ward 6 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
“We have certainly lived through a very, very exciting time down at city council, that’s for sure — not soon to be forgotten.”

Anthony Perruzza, Ward 8 (York West)
“This too shall pass.”

Maria Augimeri, Ward 9 (York Centre)
“This council was tumultuous, shaking the foundations of our democratic values and signalling the erosion of the role of chief magistrate; at the same time there was a seismic policy shift balancing fiscal responsibility and slowing the growth of government — while preserving cherished programs and services.”

James Pasternak, Ward 10 (York Centre)
“It’s been exciting. Me personally, I’ve enjoyed the last four years; in particular in my ward. We’ve been able to achieve a lot in my ward, a lot of investments in my ward. Council meetings, though — there’ve been a lot of challenges in the council meetings.”

(Speaker) Frances Nunziata, Ward 11 (York South-Weston)
“City progress and development decelerated a bit.”

Frank Di Giorgio, Ward 12 (York South-Weston)
“Despite the distractions from the mayor’s office, council has worked hard to protect our services and maintain a livable city.”

Sarah Doucette, Ward 13, (Parkdale High-Park)
“Toronto proved its strength in times of adversity.”

Gord Perks, Ward 14 (Parkdale-High Park)
“In the face of great challenges Toronto council and residents kept our city moving forward.”

Josh Colle, Ward 15 (Eglinton-Lawrence)

Karen Stintz, Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence)
“An exciting one, a bit distracting, but I managed to be focused and to do my work.”

Cesar Palacio, Ward 17 (Davenport)
“Baptism by fire.”

Ana Bailao, Ward 18 (Davenport)
“This term we have had to spend far too much time fighting to keep the good things our city has to offer our residents, important social programs, excellent parks and recreation programs, rather than doing the important work of improving how we serve our residents.”

Mike Layton, Ward 19 (Trinity-Spadina)
“Despite the antics and the distractions, there’s been a lot accomplished.”

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Ward 20 (Trinity-Spadina)
“It was a time when the mayor showed his worst side, when council pulled together and showed its best side; it was a time when council achieved many good things and when its leader showed his moral bankruptcy.”

Joe Mihevc, Ward 21 (St. Paul’s)
“Sometimes substantive and productive, far too often dramatic and sensational, but always purposeful, and I’m so proud to be serving my community here at city council.”

Josh Matlow, Ward 22 (St. Paul’s)
“It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.”

John Filion, Ward 23 (Willowdale)
“Productive, fiscally responsible, very challenging, engaging and has really highlighted the broad responsibilities of Toronto City Council.”

David Shiner, Ward 24 (Willowdale)
“Front row seats to the greatest show on Earth.”

Jaye Robinson, Ward 25 (Don Valley West)
“Some unwelcome drama notwithstanding, it was a productive term of council.”

John Parker, Ward 26 (Don Valley West)
“It’s been unpredictable — and somewhat delusional behaviour from the mayor — but I think we’re also on a path to recovery in setting this city back on course and moving it forward again.”

Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 (Toronto Centre-Rosedale)
“We survived, and we built St. James Town’s pool, Regent Park and affordable housing in Bayside.”

Pam McConnell, Ward 28 (Toronto Centre-Rosedale)
“A roller-coaster ride, lots of highs and lots of lows.”

Mary Fragedakis, Ward 29 (Toronto-Danforth)
“Like no other term of council before, and I hope like no other term to come.”

Paula Fletcher, Ward 30 (Toronto-Danforth)
“This term of council was turbulent and polarized . . . but it also sparked unprecedented civic engagement and debate about the kind of city we want.”

Janet Davis, Ward 31 (Beaches-East York)
“Wilder than any roller-coaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland.”

Mary-Margaret McMahon, Ward 32 (Beaches-East York)
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Shelley Carroll, Ward 33 (Don Valley East)
“A significant number of accomplishments with unnecessary drama.”

Denzil Minnan-Wong, Ward 34 (Don Valley East)
“This term of council has been one part reality show, one part gong show, but at the same time I feel that many councillors have brought forward a good agenda and we’ve made significant accomplishments for the city of Toronto and its citizens.”

Michelle Berardinetti, Ward 35 (Scarborough Southwest)
“This term of council has reinforced for me that Toronto continues to be resilient, dynamic, creative and a true international city of the future as a place to live, work and play.”

Gary Crawford, Ward 36 (Scarborough Southwest)
“Interesting. But at the same time, a lot has gotten done, and so that’s the thing that people don’t realize.”

Michael Thompson, Ward 37 (Scarborough Centre)
“Wild, crazy, unpredictable, but brilliant and productive in spite of all the chaos.”

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Ward 38 (Scarborough Centre)
“The last four years have been mired in a haze of distractions; hopefully the upcoming council will have new glasses to see through it.”

Mike Del Grande, Ward 39 (Scarborough-Agincourt)
“I think we’re ending on a good note, everybody seems to be working together, and I think moving forward we’ll continue to have a good council that works together for the benefit of the city.”

Chin Lee, Ward 41 (Scarborough-Rouge River)
“This council term is probably the most interesting, but has been very functional. Because (of) the leadership, council sometimes acts like a circus, but still we have had much accomplished and we have had excellent staff and it has been functioning very well. To the end especially, when Councillor Norm Kelly became deputy mayor, we see big change. And especially today, when some councillors are not around we have peace, we accomplish more.”

Raymond Cho, Ward 42 (Scarborough-Rouge River)
“The positive days for me far outweigh the negative.”

Paul Ainslie, Ward 43 (Scarborough East)
“It has been a challenging four years but council needs to work harder at keeping our costs under control.”

Ron Moeser, Ward 44 (Scarborough East)
Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) did not respond to the Star’s request for comment.