The City’s 57 outdoor pools will open on June 26th and will remain open, weather permitting, with varying schedules until September 6th. At all City pools there are supervision and swimming ability requirements for children under 10 years of age. Drop-in swimming is free at the City’s outdoor pools.

Looking for your kids to splash around for a while but don’t want to go to a pool? Visit a splash pad or wading pool.  Wading pools are shallow water areas for children located within parks. Wading pools operate on individual schedules until September 6th.  Splash pads are open across the city daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will remain open until September 20th.  Click here to find a splash pad near you!  Caregivers are reminded to supervise their children at these unsupervised water play areas.

For more information about pools, wading pools and splash pads, including hours of operation visit the City’s website: or you can call 311.

The City of Toronto has identified five pools across Toronto where the media will have access and be permitted to take long-shot photographs. These pools include:

• Alex Duff Memorial Outdoor Pool, 779 Crawford St. (Christie Pitts), 416-392-0910
• McGregor Park Outdoor Pool, 2231 Lawrence Ave. E. 416-396-7769
• Monarch Park Outdoor Pool, 115 Felstead Ave., 416-396-2847
• Sunnyside-Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool, 1755 Lakeshore Blvd., 416-392-7929
• Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool, 1867 Lakeshore Blvd. E., 416-392-7688

Note: City staff will make announcements to the public about the presence of media prior to the commencement of filming. Absolutely no close-ups of pool users are allowed without permission.