As you are aware, the City has been operating the Red Light Camera (RLC) Program since 1998 and has seen significant safety benefits at intersections where cameras are used. The number of angle collisions (those most indicative of red light running) causing death, serious injury or property damage have been reduced by over 60 percent since the program’s inception.

There will be four new Red Light Cameras (RLC) installed at signalized intersections in Ward 35 as part of the new five year contract from January, 2017 through to December, 2021. These locations were decided upon based on a city-wide review to identify locations with relatively high numbers of angle collisions. Please see below for a list of the exact intersections where the cameras will be installed.

Scarborough Southwest (35) – New RLC Sites

  • Ashtonbee Rd at Warden Ave
  • Brimley Rd at Danforth Rd
  • Comstock Rd at Warden Ave
  • Danforth Rd at Eglinton Ave E

Construction on these new sites has recently begun and the work to complete the sites will continue between now and December 31, 2016. The intent is to have the sites ready for full operation on January 1, 2017.