Fraud Prevention Month

07 Mar

March E-Newsletter

Dear Friends & Neighbours, We have just passed the mid-point of this term of City Council and I would like to thank those residents who have contacted my office on a wide range of issues or who have asked for my assistance with their  municipal concerns.  Next month I will highlight a number of exciting capital projects that are coming this year to our community including a playground enhancement to Glensheppard Park. Click here to continue reading!  ...

05 Mar

March E-Newsletter

As part of the celebration for International Women’s Day in Toronto, I am pleased to invite you to attend an event sponsored by the City’s Planning Division which will recognize those women who worked in the GECO munitions plant located in Scarborough during the Second World War.  Scarborough Historian Barbara Dickson, who has written a book on the GECO “bomb girls” will be telling the remarkable true story of how Scarborough’s quiet countryside was transformed into Canada’s largest (top-secret) armaments...