The contractor Neptune has now completed work in our area for the mandatory Water Meter Program–a program initiated to replace and install new automated water metres in every household across Toronto. As part of compliance efforts, those who have not installed the new water meter by July 1st will be charged additional fees.

These fees affect customers who have not permitted an automated water meter to be installed on their property. These customers have been contacted at least seven times to request that they book an installation appointment.

The fees are as follows:

  • Customers with an existing meter that needs to be upgraded will be charged a Manual Meter Reading fee of $80 per reading
  • Flat rate customers (no meter) will be charged a Legacy fee of $1,020 per year

These fees are in addition to what customers pay for water supply to their property and may be subject to increase by City Council through the annual budget process.

Letters will be going out over the next two weeks to advise these customers of the fees and installation deadline. You can make an appointment to have a meter installed/upgraded by speaking with aWater Meter Program customer service agent at 416-236-3837.

Low-income seniors and low-income persons with a disability are eligible for tax and water relief. For more information, please visit the City’s website here. The last day to file an application for the 2014 taxation year is March 2, 2015.